Xero: XY Sense

Xero’s new Auckland and Wellington office environments provided the perfect opportunity to introduce new technologies to support their emerging ways of working. Following an extensive global search for workplace utilisation solutions, Xero selected XY Sense. Elevate was selected to manage the delivery of the XY Sense product throughout Xero’s Auckland and Wellington offices.


XY Sense provides a real-time understanding of occupancy and paths of movement in workspaces. This doesn’t just include desks, but also meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces and any area where you might require space management and utilisation data. Analytical data is provided from the XY Sense product which allows Xero’s managers to easily see the utilisation of a workspace, as well as the cost of the space not being utilised in an effective way. This allows businesses to make better-informed decisions about the means by which workspaces can be used. This technology also allows firms to move from a fixed to a flexible working environment, where workspaces can be used as they are available instead of as they are assigned.

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