Stats NZ

Statistics NZ engaged with Elevate to refresh all meeting room technologies in their Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offices as part of a redesign of those locations.


Statistics NZ’s brief for Elevate required the development of over 76 meeting room solutions from large auditoriums, medium-sized meeting rooms and even small phone booth-style meeting pods. Again simplicity, consistency and reliability were key aspects of the technology design.


Elevate’s solution for Statistics NZ incorporated technologies selected for their ease of use, functionality, and reliability.


Elevate design for the auditorium incorporated QSC control systems where the microphones, speakers and video across the entire space when merged, or into smaller spaces when required, with Logitech video conferencing technology deployed in medium and small meeting rooms.


Following an Elevate led strategy and design process, elevate procured and delivered a complete solution, inclusive of user training and ongoing real-time support via the Elevate Hamilton-based help desk.

Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch
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