With Rothbury relocating to a new Auckland office, the opportunity to address and improve workplace technology arose. Rothbury wanted their technology to focus on meeting rooms and collaboration. Elevate was retained to achieve the roadmap for this new headquarters. This strategic roadmap provided for single touch meeting launch as well as meeting room panels which were incorporated into the Rothbury network. Rothbury wanted simple, consistent and reliable technology that was intuitive for their staff to use.


HP Zoom units coupled with a Logitech soundbar and Samsung display screen were selected for all meeting rooms. Elevate delivered Meetio room booking panels which allowed Rothbury staff to see meeting room availability at a glance and book an available meeting room directly at the panel with a single touch.


The Rothbury boardroom space has interoperable walls to two adjoining meeting rooms. This gives the ability for a ‘room join’ function where the microphones, speakers and video across the three spaces are all merged into a large single room.


Technology products that were used for this project were: HP Elite Slice, Logitech Meetup, Samsung displays, Meetio and QSC DSP, microphones and speakers.

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