Ministry for the Environment

Ministry for the Environment Engaged with Elevate to assist in the development, design, and delivery of their Meeting Room Technology as part of a larger project to relocate their Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch Offices.


Impressed by what Elevate delivered to Stats New Zealand in the buildings shared with the Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry for the Environment worked with Elevate to create a network of meeting rooms offering simplicity,  reliability, and functionality.


Consistency was achieved through the rollout of Logitech Meeting Room Scheduler devices, allowing users to easily identify and book meeting room spaces in advance or ad hoc depending on their requirements.


Each Meeting room space is equipped with the same meeting control hardware minimizing training and familiarization times, and maximizing the benefits and returns from their investment in technology.


Following an Elevate led strategy and design process, elevate procured and delivered a complete solution, inclusive of user training and ongoing real-time support via the Elevate Hamilton-based help desk.

Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch
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